Industry Resources

These resources are for our Cheers! partners - to download and order resources you need to make sure your event, campaign or communications reflect the Cheers! key messages to stay safe while you're being social by counting those (standard) drinks!

Cheers! Water Warriors - helping you deliver safe and social events

Making drinking water freely available at licensed events (and something to drink it from) is common sense, responsible hosting - and the law.

Cheers! Water Warriors are here to help.

The Water Warriors can be hired for events - armed with 11 litre water backpacks and biodegradable cups - and Water Warrior kits come with a range of Cheers! branded men's and women's clothing in various sizes.


Downloadable Artwork

There’s a range of downloadable artwork and resources available to help you promote safe and social drinking. Simply provide your contact details and download the files you want to use.