Water Warriors

Making clean drinking water freely available at licensed events (and something to drink it from) is common sense, responsible hosting - and the law.

Cheers! Water Warriors are here to help. The Water Warriors can be hired for events - armed with 11 litre water backpacks and biodegradeable cups - and Water Warrior kits come with a range of Cheers! branded men's and women's clothing in various sizes.

Water Warriors

We served over 12,000 cups of water at Beervana, and surveyed attendees at the end of the event. 75% said they were aware of Cheers! at Beervana 52% said it would make them think about how they drink in the future.

"The Water Warriors were awesome -- Great presence at the event. It's fantastic to have the ability to offer water to people - it triggers them to think yes I want some which is obviously hugely beneficial for an event like Beervana."


Request the Water Warriors

Simply tell us about your event below, and we will come back to you with costs and availability.

Send in your request, and we will confirm what's possible and final prices.

How does it work?

  1. Fill in the form above or email us at events@cheers.org.nz to book your event in to our calendar. We have limited packs - so get in early!

  2. We'll agree the best hire option with you. Either you hire the kits only ($225 per unit, plus cups and freight) and organise your own promo staff; or we can organise and manage the promo staff for you for an additional fee plus staff costs.

  3. If we're managing the whole shebang, you put us in touch with the primary event organiser and we do the rest.

  4. If you are managing the promo staff, we deliver the units to you prior to the event and you return them to use within seven days. We can put you in touch with a reputable agency that has promo staff who are used to working with the units.

  5. A 50% deposit is due on booking, and the remaining 50% due within seven days following the event.



Water Warriors packs (covers event planners time and general maintenance).


Cups per 1000 (biodegradable)


Freight per pack approx.

$120 - $200 return

Promo staff

$28 per hour (optional)

Promo manager (also carries pack, recommended if you won't have someone onsite managing the staff)

$36 per hour (optional)


If you have a four hour event in Auckland for 2000 people, you will probably want four Water Warriors. If we just hire the packs to you (including freight and cups), the cost would be $1,850 + GST. The cost of staffing on top of that would be approx. $592 + GST. So all up, $2,422 + GST.

Standard drinks messaging

The simple message "It takes, on average, one hour for your body to process one standard drink" is represented as a simple graphic on the back of the packs. Promo staff repeat this message when handing out water. In addition to helping event goers pace themselves with water they learn to make a good time better, by staying in control.

We can provide posters and other elements to help communicate standard drinks messaging to event goers. Just look at the resources section and feel free to contact us at events@cheers.org.nz with any questions.

How heavy are the units?

They weigh approximately 14kg when full - meaning the promo staff you use need to have a reasonable level of physical strength to mount and carry the packs.

Are they easy to fill?

The units can be filled in an ordinary sink without the need for any specialised hose attachments.

Will I need to put on any extra water?

Depending on the size of your event, hiring the Cheers! Water Warriors won't necessarily mean you don't need to make additional arrangements for water. You need to be sure that everyone at your event can easily access a free drink of water, in a clean cup or bottle, at any time.