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Any food packed with protein is a good choice when you’re drinking —chicken or fish sushi, a meaty burger, or baked beans on toast are all good choices. Protein releases energy slowly, which means it supports your body to process your drinks effectively for longer.

Eat to last

A sociable occasion should always include food. Food won’t stop you getting drunk but it will slow the pace at which your body absorbs alcohol.

Plan smart

Always plan when and what you’re going to eat. The best idea is to have a meal, or at least a substantial snack, before you go out. And make sure protein rich foods - like dairy products, meat and eggs - are on the menu. They release energy slowly, which means they will do a good job helping your body absorb alcohol over a longer period of time.

Eat smart


Instead of waiting til the end of the night when you’re starving and more likely to stop at a grease-caravan for a pie and chips, plan to eat before you go out or base the occasion around a meal.

Either way, have a plan. If you haven’t thought about when you’re going to eat, it’s likely you won't.

Here are some healthy, tasty, high-protein pre-drinking food ideas:

  • Salmon or chicken sushi (buy it, don’t waste time making it!).
  • Edamame (buy them from your local sushi shop too).
  • Rice crackers and vege sticks with cottage cheese or a yoghurt based dip.
  • Smoked chicken and pesto on Vogel’s.
  • Homemade burger — combine 500g beef mince with an egg and half a cup of breadcrumbs and then add your favourite herbs and spices, or try our recipe.
  • Pizza — ordered in or homemade, the combination of a carb-loaded dough base, cheese and meat is a good choice.
  • Scrambled eggs — simple and delicious!
  • Tuna pasta — mix a can of tuna with a simple tomato sauce, and serve with your favourite pasta and plenty of parmesan. Fancy it up with some chopped capers, lemon rind and Italian parsley.
  • Cheese and baked bean toastie — it doesn’t really get any easier than that!

Drink smart


Wine, beer, cider, and spirits are all made by fermenting and distilling natural starch and sugar. The sugar means alcohol contains lots of calories — seven calories per gram in fact.

If you’re worried about calories, don’t skimp on food. Instead, drink smarter.

  • Drink less alcohol, either by having fewer drinks, or choosing lower-alcohol options. The less alcohol in a drink, the less calories.
  • Have a glass of water between each drink. Not only with this keep you hydrated (which is good for your skin!) but it will slow you down too.
  • Know your serve sizes. Most people pour drinks larger than a standard drink. This means more alcohol in every glass.
  • Always opt for diet mixers or soda water. Even fruit juices make healthier mixers than normal soft drinks.
  • Have a plan. If you think about how much you want to drink before you go out, you’re more likely to stay in the zone.

* Alcohol By Volume

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