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The kiwi BBQ is an institution, and so it should be! It has a place at every occasion where people are drinking. Slap on a few sausages or some gourmet burgers, roast a leg of lamb, or smoke some fish to set your friends up for a great time.

Feed the party animals!

Good food and drink is the lifeblood of a great party. Here are some of our favourite recipes to help you dazzle your guests at your next event.

Beer and burgers


Everyone needs a good burger recipe. This one’s a dazzler and goes beaut with any type of pale ale. You can make it into big burgers for a man-feast or mini-burgers as pass-arounds.

And if you’re really stretched for time, you can whip up some simple fish burgers by halving pieces of battered fish from your local, and banging them in a bun with rocket and mayonaise mixed with a little lemon juice and lemon rind. Great with a pilsner. Yum!

Party punch


A perfect punch always gets snaffled at a party. It’s a great option for people who aren’t drinking, including teens and other young people.

Another refreshing 80s classic is the spritzer. Halve the alcohol content of your favourite white wine, and offer your guests something different!

Protein rich foods help your body absorb alcohol

Cocktails and canapes


Nothing says ‘this is a classy party’ like cocktails and canapes, but who can be bothered with fiddly little creations on a stick!?! These quick and easy ideas won’t take you a week to prepare, and we’ve given you some drink recipes to pair them with.

Fine wine-ing


There’s almost nothing nicer than sharing a good meal and a matching bottle of wine with friends. There are plenty of classic wine and food pairings like Cabernet Sauvignon with roast beef, Sauvignon Blanc with shellfish, Pinot Noir with duck, and Port with dark chocolate.

This super simple but stunning recipe uses wine in the dish and would match an unoaked Chardonnay like a dream.

Invent your own cocktail:
1 part sour, 2 parts sweet, 3 parts strong, 4 parts weak

Not another OJ!


Social ocassions should be just as enjoyable for people not drinking as those who are. Unfortunately most hosts buy a couple of bottles of OJ and leave it at that, or relegate their guests to the young people's corner with a spread of sickly soft drinks.

Here are some more creative non-alcoholic options your guests can enjoy all night:

  • Sparkling water with slices of lemon and cucumber
  • Lemon, lime and bitters
  • Apple juice, grapefruit juice and tomato juice
  • Iced tea and coffee
  • Elderflower cordial and soda

Party planners allow for 2.5 alcoholic drinks per person