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Hangovers are the result of extreme dehydration that occurs after drinking due to the diuretic effect alcohol has. There is no known cure for a hangover, but you can avoid one by pacing yourself, eating well, and quaffing plenty of water between your drinks.

Got a hangover?

If you’ve got a hangover, you’ve recently drank too much. Next time you drink, better planning and a few smarter choices along the way, will stop you feeling like a dog’s breakfast the next day.



A hangover describes a whole range of bad feelings experienced after drinking too much. The most common symptoms are headaches, nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, lethargy, diarrhea and thirst. A hangover may also cause feelings of depression and anxiety.

What happened?

Alcohol has a diueretic effect - it makes you pee - which results in dehydration. Dehydration explains the symptoms like headaches, light and noise sensitivity, lethargy and thirst. Alcohol can also damage your stomach lining which accounts for the nausea.

The only thing that will help is to rehydrate as quickly as possible

Help me Doctor!

The bad news is that there are no clinically proven cures for a hangover, even though there are lots of remedies people ‘swear by’. From bacon and eggs, to Marmite, to ‘hair of the Dog’, there is no medical evidence to prove any of these theories.

The only thing that will help is to rehydrate as quickly as possible. Drinking water between drinks will help avoid dehydration in the first place, and drinking water and rehydration supplements the next day will get your body back in balance.